Complete Inventory Cycle Management

Purchasing -> Receiving -> Material Tracking -> Sales Processing -> Distribution -> Returns Processing. From sourcing material through final disposition of the material, databloks delivers managed control of your inventory including secure information access control, self-serve status reporting, updates and alerts with complete transparency to authorized trading partners up and down the value chain.


Archiving for extensive tracking and auditing of raw materials and component inputs. databloks provides easy to access histories for processed material and product assemblies. Source material traceability offers significant analysis and compliance benefits.

Supply Chain Integration

allows all of your trading partners to share authorized data for efficient transaction processing and enhanced trading partnerships. When partners collaborate on transaction processing, costs go down and reliability and quality go up. databloks supports rapid data sharing solutions and offers your partners a variety of patterns for sharing data with you.

Security Dashboard

Including access history. All databloks components are built on the same simple security model which allows you to control how data flows through the system and who is authorized to see data down to the field-level. Security auditing makes it possible to recall a complete history of every event linked to a transaction and the agent triggering the event.

Data Collaboration Services

import, export and migration methods offer a broad spectrum of data management, storage and processing options to keep you in control of your data. Data can be readily deposited in databloks Structured Repository and withdrawn at any time. Data contracts bridge data with other applications in your solution portfolio such as CRM or Financial Accounting packages.

Custom Feature Integration Patterns

assure that your data platform is built for expansion. Patterns allow you to extend data schemas and write new business rules without invalidating the databloks data model or solution architecture. This is critical because it means that your customizations will never interfere with system maintenance and upgrades.